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Windows 7 is available for purchase at a discount from the Microsoft student and teacher “Ultimate Steal” website. This sounds great. Now to upgrade from 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Windows 7 you need to do a clean install. So far so good.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 will then tell you that

The following failure occurred while trying to use the product key:

The Software Licensing Service determined that this specified product
key can only be used for upgrading, not clean installations.


Even though this is an upgrade bought straight from Microsoft themselves, it doesn’t play ball… ;-(

The telephone activation people don’t know what to do but thank goodness, there’s a “simple” solution on the Microsoft website:

Digital River responded with instructions on how to correct problem.

Open regedit.exe with Start Menu Search and navigate to:

Change MediaBootInstall from “1″ to “0″.

Close RegEdit.

Start Menu on the Command Line utility. Right-click this shortcut and choose “Run as administrator.”
Click Yes to the UAC prompt.

In the command line window, type: slmgr /rearm press enter

wait for the “Command completed successfully” dialog.

Then, close the command line window and reboot.
After Windows 7 reboots, Right Click Computer select Properties select change product Key.
If the Key does not work now please contact Microsoft technical support at:

Phone: 1-800-MICROSOFT (1-800-642-7676)
Wow Digital River stepped up to fix my problem.

It seems a mighty kludge!!

4 Responses to “Windows 7 Activation Process – What a joke!”

  1. on 08 Mar 2010 at 6:34 amgossip girl

    and by the way.. is it your photo on the top of the pages ???

  2. on 08 Apr 2010 at 6:26 pmchris

    Yes, it’s me!

    P.S. You should head to your university library to find out about laser chemistry. There are several excellent books.

  3. on 06 Jul 2010 at 9:00 pmMathias

    thanks very much for helping me to solve the windows 7 activation problem! I’m amazed about this fast and easy solution!!!
    I called the microsoft-hotline in german, but they didn’t understood my problem…

    Aside from that I tried your “e63 access to eduroam-link”. Hopefully it will work in Leipzig University.

    Wish you a nice summer break!

  4. on 15 Apr 2012 at 8:07 pmEthan

    Thank you so much for this solution! It is the exact issue that I was suffering from and this got me up and running quickly!

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