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Archive for June, 2008

Two nice Cygwin tips

I found solutions to two long-standing irritations in Cygwin on Greg Coombe’s website. Cygwin exit gives error message Does exiting Cygwin sometimes generate a “Terminate Batch Job(Y/N)” message? If so, you’re probably using a Windows batch file to launch Cygwin. If the batch file doesn’t consist of much, then just put all of that information […]

My bank provides OFX format files for download from their Internet banking website. This short perl script ofx2txt converts these into tab delimited text files suitable to be opened in Excel.

I used the excellent bib2endnote project recently as a starting point to convert a DocArc library of references into EndNote format. This method retains any attachments. Brief notes : Modify “docarc” binary, changing: sub new   {   my $self = LWP::UserAgent::new( @_ );   $self->agent( “getbibitem/$Version” );   $self;   } to     sub new […]

We went for a lovely walk with my family yesterday in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. There are a few public rights of way through the grounds, which you do not need to pay to use. The one we prefer begins on the A44 (“The Causeway”) here You enter through the green gate marked “95″ […]