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Undergraduate science

Since the start of my DPhil I have deliberately undertaken a wide variety of undergraduate teaching in order to gain experience and in order to sharpen my own understanding. This has been great fun and very educational.

Courses that I have tutored include:

  • Physics for Chemists (1st year).
  • Maths for Chemists (1st year).
  • Physical Chemistry (2nd year). All topics for the Part IA exams.
  • Group Theory (2nd year, part of Inorganic Chemistry).
  • Physical Chemistry (3rd year). Topics in Quantum Mechanics, Magnetic Resonance and Lasers for Part IB and Option Paper exams.

All of this work was undertaken for various Oxford colleges. I was responsible for arranging the problem sets and venues, for setting and marking collections (termly college-based exams) and for the tutorials themselves.

In the 2007-2008 academic year, I am teaching for St John’s College and Merton College.

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  1. on 24 Aug 2007 at 6:27 pmTim Rodgers


    I thought I would drop a quick note. While I was researching information on my family crest etc for a Social Studies class I am teaching I came accross your site. I was curious initally in thatI my fathers name is Chris Rodgers and he is originally from Beckenham Kent with some family still in the area – perhaps more that I am unaware of. Specifically his brother is in Hawkurst Kent. Our family currently resides in Brooks Alberta Canada about 3000km west of Toronto.

    Funny what you find on the net

    Tim Rodgers

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