ESR 2007 conference

We played host to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ESR group annual conference (“ESR 2007”) here in Oxford this week. I was delighted to be able to talk about my research, and it was great to meet many eminent scientists working on ESR…


Isle of Man

This weekend I went to visit an old friend who now works on the Isle of Man. It’s an amazing place and I really enjoyed the chance to escape the DPhil writing up and go and walk up various “bumps”! This is the…


Split a PDF into separate files containing colour and B&W pages

The pdfcolour utility allows one to split a PDF file apart to give two separate PDFs, one containing the colour pages and the other containing the B&W pages. That way, one can easily print the B&W pages on a faster, cheaper printer and…


Find and replace in multiple files using emacs

I found a useful article that explains how one can use emacs to find/replace in several files at once:


Oxford in the snow

We woke up to a beautiful scene this morning: at our house there was 8cm of snow. Everything was white! Cycling in to town was something of an adventure. I saw this snowman in Hertford College.


Banana, date & walnut cake

I made this cake (inspired by an internet recipe) this evening. It tastes delicious and is nice and moist inside so I thought I would share the recipe. Banana, date & walnut cake (Chris’ variation) Equipment bowls, scales, electric mixer, microwave, oven, loaf…


Backup software

I use a piece of software called Bacula to make backups of the data on our home PC’s and on various websites. Version 2.0 of Bacula has just been released! I have built a set of RPMs for fedora core 4. They were…


Reset a forgotten admin password

A family member recently asked me how they could get access to an old PC running Windows XP Pro, whose administrator password they no longer knew. I found this tool invaluable. It reset the password in a matter of minutes and with no…


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I am enjoying a relaxing time with my family over Christmas. I wish you too a merry Christmas and a happy new year.



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