Research Interests

I am a physical chemist. My research is centred around magnetic resonance phenomena and spectroscopy – both experiment and theory. I have taught undergraduate chemistry students in Oxford since 2003.

Principal areas of interest


Presentations and posters

Oct 2009 Spoke at ESMRMB 2009, Turkey: “Spectroscopy with receive arrays: how to combine the signals�.
Sep 2009 Poster at the Oxford Imaging Festival.
Aug 2009 Flash oral presentation and poster at IUPAC 2009 congress, where I received the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists 2008.
Apr 2009 E-poster at “ISMRM 2009�, USA: “Magnetic resonance spectroscopy with receive arrays: How to combine the signals�.
Mar 2009 Invited public lecture for National Science Week at Kingston Grammar School, UK.
Mar 2009 Invited speaker giving a departmental seminar at the University of Sussex, UK.
Jan 2009 Invited speaker at the first workshop on Quantum Technology in Biological Systems, Singapore.
Sep 2008 Poster at the Oxford Imaging Festival.
Dec 2007 I presented a poster “The road to state-selected ultracold chemistry of CH3Fâ€? at the annual meeting of the RSC’s Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group (SDG2007), Norwich, UK.
Oct 2007 Invited lecture at the Bracknell Natural History Society (2 x 45min with break for questions).
Mar 2007 I gave one of three JEOL prize lectures at the ESR2007 conference.
Dec 2006 I was invited to speak about my work in a workshop at the Physics Department of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.
Dec 2006 I won joint first prize for a presentation of my work at the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences division graduate prize symposium competition.
Nov 2005 I spoke at a “Japan-UK Student Mini-Symposium on Magneto-Science� in Hiroshima University. I also gave a talk to the group of Prof Hisao Murai in Shizuoka University.
Nov 2005 I presented a poster “The Spin Chemistry of Bird Navigation� at the International Symposium on Magnetoscience 2005, Japan.
Sep 2005 I spoke in full session at the Spin Chemistry Meeting 2005 here in Oxford. I was one of only two graduate students to speak at the conference.
Apr 2005 I spoke at the Royal Institute of Navigation conference in Reading about “The Radical Pair Mechanism in avian magnetoreception�. This was a fifteen minute talk in full session, followed by questions. Two of the delegates described this talk as “very illuminating� and a “very clear explanation of the free radical mechanism� in e-mails sent to me later.
I have spoken about my work to sixth form students at my former school. I speak annually at my research group seminars.