Undergraduate science

Since the start of my DPhil I have deliberately undertaken a wide variety of undergraduate teaching in order to gain experience and in order to sharpen my own understanding. This has been great fun and very educational.

Courses that I have tutored include:

  • Physics for Chemists (1st year).
  • Maths for Chemists (1st year).
  • Physical Chemistry (2nd year). All topics for the Part IA exams.
  • Group Theory (2nd year, part of Inorganic Chemistry).
  • Physical Chemistry (3rd year). Topics in Quantum Mechanics, Magnetic Resonance and Lasers for Part IB and Option Paper exams.

All of this work was undertaken for various Oxford colleges. I was responsible for arranging the problem sets and venues, for setting and marking collections (termly college-based exams) and for the tutorials themselves.

In the 2007-2008 academic year, I am teaching for St John’s College and Merton College.