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I am a physical chemist working at the University of Oxford.


ESR 2007 conference

We played host to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ESR group annual conference (“ESR 2007”) here in Oxford this week. I was delighted to be able to talk about my research, and it was great to meet many eminent scientists working on ESR…


Split a PDF into separate files containing colour and B&W pages

The pdfcolour utility allows one to split a PDF file apart to give two separate PDFs, one containing the colour pages and the other containing the B&W pages. That way, one can easily print the B&W pages on a faster, cheaper printer and…


Find and replace in multiple files using emacs

I found a useful article that explains how one can use emacs to find/replace in several files at once:


Oxford in the snow

We woke up to a beautiful scene this morning: at our house there was 8cm of snow. Everything was white! Cycling in to town was something of an adventure. I saw this snowman in Hertford College.


Banana, date & walnut cake

I made this cake (inspired by an internet recipe) this evening. It tastes delicious and is nice and moist inside so I thought I would share the recipe. Banana, date & walnut cake (Chris’ variation) Equipment bowls, scales, electric mixer, microwave, oven, loaf…



Editrights is a small command line utility for Windows NT / 2000 / XP and Vista that allows one to alter the assignment of user rights. It is used as part of the Cygwin system to allow automated installation of the OpenSSH server sshd. Download…