Here are a few pieces of software that I have released.

EditRights: A cygwin tool for modifying Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista user privileges. See my original post for details. The latest version is included with any cygwin installation. The code is stored in the cygwin-apps CVS repository.

Fast Spherical Harmonic Transform: Matlab MEX interface to the S2Kit library for calculating Fast Spherical Harmonic Transforms on the 2-sphere.

MATLABio: Mathematica add-on that supports reading and writing to Matlab .mat files for data exchange.

The following software is obsolete, but listed here in case anyone is interested:

ActiveWebMenu: A java-based menu system for websites. I wrote this as an exercise whilst teaching myself Java. There are many better DHTML/CSS-based systems available these days.

Patch for Courier IMAP: This patch modifies the filenames used by Courier IMAP’s maildir code so that they do not contain any colons (“:”). This means that it is possible to store a maildir on a FAT/FAT32/NTFS partition. I used this code so that I could access my e-mail archive from both FreeBSD and Windows 2000 (using cygwin).