It is possible to gain root access on this router.

You need to follow the telnetEnable procedure on the web, using the username/password Gearguy/Geardog as for the previous routers.

Then, you telnet to port 23 and will get a “login:” prompt. At that prompt you can log in with “root” and “5up”.

Once at the Linux shell, the following commands are available:

There’s also a command “cli” with username “ambit” and password “ambitdebug” for configuring NAT and the Firewall.

You can download some useful utilities that I compiled for the MIPS processor on this box from

and others from

These include “busybox” with many commands and “dropbear” which provides
an SSH server and client.

Netgear have changed the software running on this router considerably since v3, so you have to figure things out yourself and cannot rely on old step-by-step instructions on the web.

There is a command “cli” which gets you into an interface similar to that for the old v3 routers. That command will prompt for an additional username “ambit” and password “ambitdebug”. Run it by typing “cli” and pressing enter at the root prompt.

Photographs of the inside of this router are available here.

If anyone discovers how to flash this router with OpenWRT or if they manage to open arbitrary ports to the WAN port in the firewall, please do let me know.